Unquiet Desperation
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Author Topic: The Arrogance of Mankind: Fearing the Future  (Read 2727 times)
Galileo Galilei
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Pressed wrong button in p'port photo booth...

« on: July 09, 2013, 01:58:36 AM »

Waking naked, how old was I
when I died? Deep underground
where I had paid to be made ultra-cold;
before I died. To be treated years ahead,
in suspended animation several times,
enough times to be cured.
Had I been forgotten? I seemed alone,
lonelier than when I had had MND diagnosed.
How long ago? There is no-one here to tell.
A small box I felt at the base of my spine,
(my cure?) quietly whirred. Had I been stirred
on a designated time? It was warm in here,
this green-walled room I had never shared.

A wardrobe of my own; special clothes and shoes,
that I would need them. Optimism unbound
in the manual I had read before I was dead.
I dressed and placed a finger, for its print,
on the pressure pad by the door. Stepped out
into another room I did not recognize from before.
Horror, dread, at first earthbound, at the figures,
humans frozen standing in glass cabinets; of all ages,
a family of males it seemed. Then the cosmic terror
as on the opposite wall a glass cabinet all alone;
a naked boy. Me, as I was when about ten-years old.

by Pater
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