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Author Topic: Hey and Away We Go  (Read 1758 times)
Galileo Galilei
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Pressed wrong button in p'port photo booth...

« on: February 06, 2013, 05:29:06 PM »

Old Jesu and Jerusalem
he taketh on the plan,
the script from scripture,
the epistles of John.
From Templars and tourneys,
a sir and a gallant with lance
he had taken the handkerchief
as victor from her lady's hand.

From ship across green and dusty plains,
sunburnt deserts, the glint of things unknown
reflected in visor, and silver suit
his sole bodyguard; night fires
when the cold set in, his steed would win
the next day. As brave as he in chivalry;
seeking fortune and hollow fame
in faraway and bloody lands.
Old scars his only memory of home.

by Pater
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