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Author Topic: Using 'The Crucible'. Ensure you read before posting.  (Read 3799 times)
Charles Bukowski
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« on: November 18, 2008, 10:33:22 PM »

'The Crucible' is the section of this website intended for serious, constructive criticism of pieces posted, whether music, film/video, poetry or prose. At present this is not the case: work posted seems in most cases to be in need of fundamental revision, and feedback given to work posted is anaemic at best.

This is unacceptable, and will change.

Anyone posting work in 'The Crucible' should ensure that they are prepared for serious criticism, and that what they post is ambitious and audacious, in both standard and scope. Anything posted not adhering to these conditions faces the possibility of being moved to the more forgiving environment of 'The Carnival' by a moderator, without notification.

Anyone giving feedback on work posted should ensure that it is tough but constructive. 'The Crucible' is where artists and writers post if they want rigorous advice from other site members on how to improve their work: feedback given should reflect this. It should be forensic, lacerating any perceived weaknesses and highlighting strong points. The latter is important, as artists improve not just by eliminating what doesn't work, but also by building on what does. Saying merely 'I like this' or 'I don't like this' is not enough: responses should be detailed and useful. Feedback given should never be personal - there will be no tolerance for petty insults - but should concentrate on the creative work posted.

It has always been our desire that 'The Carnival' and 'The Crucible' should be controlled by peer review - this is the reason no moderators have ever been selected for these areas - but this has plainly not worked. This restatement of purpose for 'The Crucible' will be accompanied by an increased moderator presence, but that can never be enough: this part of the site will only help improve your art and writing if you make it a place where that's possible.

That said, since peer review is insufficient at present moderators will do whatever is necessary to ensure that 'The Crucible' lives up to its name. Remember that when you post or reply to posts.

Anyone wishing to ask questions about or comment on this restatement of the nature of 'The Crucible' may do so here:

'The Crucible' feedback.

Carpe diem,

Unquiet Desperation.

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