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Title: arghhhhhhh unleash my anger, set me free
Post by: Misty on December 15, 2009, 10:27:05 PM
I am raging as much as spanish bull ring contest, all I see  is red,  red is everywhere I look,
My anger is building up and I have never felt such frustration ever,
A chill pill would be good, pity its only temporary
I have never ever felt so wild and uncontrollable ever, I cant even stop myself being wound up,
Its not as if it is one thing, lots of things inside are making my demon cause utter chaos
I may not be able to keep upto the intellectual compatibility of this site
But I can sure try get things off my chest.

Non of this will make me sleep easy, it will still be there
My inner demons waiting to be unleashed.. it wants to cause mayhem
The hold right wrong conscious thing going on in my head, all those two do is argue
My head hurts now, wish they would make up there mind and compromise
Its not like I am looking for a fight, I just can not help myself
If something is there and means so much its worth fighting for
I am exploding, prior to this iv burnt, fought, cried, struggled
In fear, defence, rage, anger, disappointment; iv screamed for my life

There is no answer, everything is too disputable.
Whatever I say, people destroy what they don't like
I work hard in all ways and this is what I get
My hearts in it, correction, cough cough, it was
Every man for himself, cough cough, correction again woman

Confusion takes over, the mind goes into deep mysterious places it should never go
You lose control and try to stop things from happening but no matter what its not enough
There is nothing you can do, by the time you want to do anything it is too late
You cant change history, unfortunately I am not that talented yet, remember there is potential
Maybe I will take over the world and gain that thing which itching to know, the force or thing that is the creator. What would you do with ultimate power? I have enough power now and it is too much for me. I want some but not too much.

I dont want to change things I just want them to get better
I have been through enough so let me relax before I kill you

Title: Re: arghhhhhhh unleash my anger, set me free
Post by: Harry on August 18, 2012, 08:46:00 AM
i feel angry alot too!