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Author Topic: Yukimori Kaito  (Read 4464 times)
Virginia Woolf
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« on: August 28, 2008, 10:07:10 PM »

Ah, the good ole arranged marriage fiasco, heh heh. Anyhow, just so you know, I'm crazy about the Japanese society and I'm a totally into romance (shush!) so I decided to do a bit of original writing and this idea came to me through a conversation I had with my cousin. I got an image in my head and I felt that I HAD to write a story for it. But not that it's of any importance though. This is chapter one of my story "Yukimori Kaito" an just so you know, I know it's stupid since this is a story written in ENGLISH but I put the names in the Japanese order, as in, family name first and given name second.

Any criticism is accepted, even though I probably won't like it >_<

“Tch!” She scoffed under her breath as she took in the sight of the man sitting on the other side of the table. He looked like one of those hoodlums on the streets, the ones that went around acting “gangster-type”, thinking they were tough. But she had to admit he had nice hair. She had a thing for hairdos when it came to guys.
This man (no, she mentally corrected; he’s barely more than a boy) was called Yukimori Kaito and she knew next to nothing about him. All she knew was that he was the youngest son of one of her father’s business affiliates and he was now her fiancé, without her having any say in the matter.
She wanted to protest. She wanted to say that this was not fair on her, that she shouldn’t have to go through something like this. She hadn’t even become a proper outdoor instructor yet! It had been her dream ever since she first went camping on a school trip! It wasn’t fair!
But she couldn’t disobey her father. She was supposed to be a good little girl and listen to the instructions that she was given or the whole family would forever frown upon her and she didn’t want that. She loved her family and she didn’t want her father to be disappointed in her.
But she was disappointed in her father. She’d always stated how she wanted to be the best female outdoor expert in all of Japan and her father had always smiled and said that she would indeed be the best. She’d revelled when she’d heard those words. She wasn’t spoilt. She could be humble but maybe it was because of that that her father had her pinned in the corner. Either she’d accept this marriage, or she’d disgrace the family.
She sighed and took a seat opposite the man and folded her hands in her lap. She’d had to dress up in her finest dress for this, which was something that bothered her because she liked to be outdoors, in gear that let her face the wilderness. She wanted to be wearing thick boots and her favourite pair of combats and her waterproofs. She was most comfortable in those kinds of garments, not fine dresses; where on earth was the dignity, for her, in this?
“We’re sorry our daughter’s a little late, Yukimori-kun.” Her mother was all smiles for the event, not that she didn’t usually smile. She just didn’t maintain her smiles for so long. “But she spends a lot of time out of the house due to the current course that she’s taking.”
The man looked as uninterested as she felt. How old was he anyway, eighteen? He couldn’t be older than that. This meeting wasn’t anything official so the boy was here alone. Originally, she should have been the one to visit his house but she’d only come back recently from a trip so things had had to be changed around. “It’s fine, Takamura-san.” He said as he sat up straight. His eyes, a deep green in colour, bore in hers for a time, not showing any interest at all. She figured it must have been the same for him as it was for her; either he had to marry her or he’d disgrace his family. Life is so cruel, she sighed to herself.
To distract herself, she admired his hairdo. His hair was jet black and he had a fringe which fell to the end of his left ear and then shortened to free strands which fanned out over his eyes. The hair at the back of his head fell to his shoulders and, at the top of his head, it was arranged so that it spread out loosely in all directions. All the tips of his hair were dyed a deep red. She felt it made a nice contrast with the black.
“So...Yukimori-kun, tell us a little about yourself.” Her mother said cheerily after half a minute of stony silence. Clearly, the daughter wasn’t going to be doing any talking. Both the bride- and groom-to-be did not look like they wanted to be there so someone had to kick-start the conversation. After all, that was what the boy was here for.
“What would you like to know?” He asked drearily. He wasn’t interested and he made no show of it being otherwise.
“Sonia?” Her mother prodded, looking at her pointedly.
Sonia sighed and dipped her head a little. Did she even want to know anything about this guy? All she knew was that he was the son of some wealthy businessman and she wanted to keep it that way. If she knew him less, then maybe she could make her parents suffer more for landing her in such an unfair position. If she didn’t know him and it remained that way, then maybe her father would get her out of it because it would be so apparent that neither of them were at home with one another.
But that was just childish! What if he wasn’t such a bad guy? But she’d never even met him before! But she couldn’t just be nasty to him; he was, after all, in the same predicament as she was in. She refused to be so callous! At the least, if she befriended him, then it wouldn’t be quite so bad.
At least, that was what she hoped. There was nothing wrong with being friends with her future husband, but it just wouldn’t go any farther than that. Well, maybe he was the cold type anyway? Who one earth liked people like that?
She sighed again. I’m speculating too much...She’d always been told that she over thought about certain situations.
“So, what do you do?” She asked when she looked up again, trying to keep the smile on her face.
“That would depend entirely on your definition of “doing”.” Yukimori Kaito deadpanned.
Sonia exchanged a dubious glance with her mother before turning back to her future husband. “Er...what do you do profession-wise?” She clarified.
“I work in a bakery. Senior chef.” He replied, his mask of nonchalance not slipping a bit.
She stared at him incredulously before her hand shot up to cover her mouth as a guffaw of laughter threatened to break out. He raised a dark eyebrow questioningly.
“What’s so funny about that?” His tone was a little defensive.
“Ahem,” she put on her poker face again, “I apologise for that. It was just a little...unexpected. I would have expected everyone from the Yukimori family to be all big-time businessmen.”
He narrowed his eyes at her. “What my father or my brothers chose as a career path does not necessarily apply to me. I would have though you would have been familiar with that, Takamura-chan.”
She mirrored his expression. “Oh? And what exactly do you mean by that, Yukimori-kun?” As far as she knew, this man did not know anything about her. Why should he? She didn’t know anything about him so it wasn’t fair if he knew about her.
“I’d say what you’re studying at the moment is not exactly “in” with the demands of your father’s business.”
“I don’t have to follow in my father’s footsteps.” She shrugged. “Why do you even know what I do anyway?”
This time it was his turn to shrug. “I don’t; took a guess.”
Her eyebrow climbed high up her forehead. “Right, and what gave you the idea that I’m not into business management or whatever?”
He shrugged again. “I dunno. You don’t look the business type.”
She didn’t know whether to be pleased with that compliment or not, considering she knew next to nothing about this person. Usually, she took pride in the fact that she didn’t look at home in anything except combats and large tees. That was what people mostly saw her in so wearing a suit was out of the question for her. “Right...thanks...I guess.” She replied hesitantly.
A ghost of a smile flickered across his lips and she had to admit, he was cute!
There was more silence for a while until Sonia’s mother decided that it was time to make some tea. “Excuse me.” She stood up and politely took her leave.
Sonia’s gaze was angled towards the surface of the table. If she looked up, she’d probably meet this person’s gaze and that would just be awkward. Neither of them wanted to be in this situation but they had no choice. How were they supposed to act around each other?
“What do you do?” Yukimori Kaito’s voice suddenly cut across her bitter thoughts and she looked up.
“That would depend entirely on your definition of “doing.” She mimicked his earlier phrase and watched as a small smile permeated his features.
He shrugged. “In general, what do you do? I mean, you must have interests, right?”
“Why, are you curious about my personal life?” She raised an eyebrow but smiled nonetheless.
“Sorry, I didn’t know it was a crime.” He sighed and leant forward and propped his head in the palm of his hand and watched her. She returned the gaze. “You’re going to be my wife so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get to know you a little bit.”
She unfolded her hands from her lap and placed them at the table’s edge. “I like to read overly romanticised novels but not many people know that.” She waited patiently for him to speak.
He took his time, mulling it over and then finally smiled. “I like to read too, but I read fantasy. What else?”
“I like the rain.” She replied.
She raised her eyebrow high. “‘Why’? What d’ya mean, why? I just do...I guess I just like being outside when it’s spitting it down, there’s no reason for it.” She shrugged. “Or maybe there is but I’ve never thought about it before.”
“Hmm.” The smile didn’t leave his face. “I hate the rain. It always brings back memories of my mother’s death.”
He didn’t break eye contact with her. That statement was a bit sudden so she didn’t really know what she could say. She put a hand to her mouth and muttered sincerely, “I’m sorry. How did she die?”
“She got run over by a car. It was raining that day.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. Anyway, what else?” The smile was a little strained. She could see that. He wasn’t usually the type to let onto others how much something bothered him. She knew that because she had a friend she went camping with who was very similar.
She sighed and answered, “I spend a lot of my time living in a tent and I love camping.”
“Really? So do I!” He said brightly.
“Eh? You do?” She asked, puzzled.
“Sure. I go camping with my friends all the time.”
She pondered at this new piece of information. So, he wasn’t someone she didn’t have absolutely nothing in common with, which was a start. Maybe becoming friends with him wouldn’t be as hard as she thought it would be. She decided to try it out. “I have a request.” She stated suddenly.
He raised an eyebrow. “What’s that then?”
“Could we be friends?”
He stared at her mutely for a while and then shrugged. “Sure, I guess I wouldn’t mind.”
She smiled and extended a hand. “Cool, nice you meet you, Yukimori-kun.”
“Call me Kai, Takamura-chan.” He took her hand and they shook.
“Ok, Kai. And you can call me Sonia.”

What A Piece of Work is Man! How Noble in Reason, How Infinite in Faculties, in Form and Moving How Express and Admirable, in Action How Like an Angel, in Apprehension How Like a God: the Beauty of the World, the Paragon of Animals!
(Hamlet, II, ii)
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2008, 08:55:12 PM »

I didn't read it all, I'm sorry. It reads like a Mills and Boon book. You may have a talent for writing trashy romance (like that Kendo girl - Motoko? - from Love Hina).
Mr. Goldberg
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2008, 12:35:40 PM »

I read it all...is your denouement going to be that Sonia is to become a Geisha Girl ?
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