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Author Topic: The Occult And Popular Culture.  (Read 3805 times)
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« on: November 27, 2009, 12:15:21 PM »

Tis an interesting idea though-the Super and pretanatural.
Some of our most respected scribes have delved into the misty nether region on Magick.

Take,for examply,Yeats who was a key member of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn-was informed and instilled with many of it's ideas-belived fully n the ideas of spirits and deamans.

Take even Athur Conan Doyle who was a firm Theosophist who belived in orders of angels and fairies and gnomes-a Rational man,in all manners,but one who belived firmly in the idea of other worldy spirits influencing the lives of us mere mortals.

Bram Stoker,Alestair Crowley,Jimmy Page,Isaac Newton,Schopenhauer,Carl Gustav Jung and even Black Metal musician Oysterin 'Euronymous' Aerseth have all belived in the supernatural and the 'other'.


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