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Title: POETRY CONTEST! www.writing-contest.blogspot.com
Post by: moneycash on November 10, 2009, 10:17:50 PM
Hey all,

Wanted to let you know about a POETRY CONTEST happening right now, hosted by yours truly.  Frank Calo of Spotlight On Theatre is judging.  Deadline is November 17.

It's $5 to enter (paypal only), and the winner takes all.  All entries are published online.  The topic is SMOKING. 

The rules for entry are posted in the October 5 blog entry on:  www.writing-contest.blogspot.com , but...

Basically: create a 2 page MS Word document. On the first page, write a short poem or prose poem about SMOKING. You can be as creative as you like with this in both form and content. On the second page, write the title of the poem, your name, your cell phone number, address and email.

Check the site out for previous entries and winners, too. 

It's a really low key, fun & experimental contest.  At this point, we're just trying to have something for people to DO with their writing!  Go ahead and enter, you just might win.