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Title: Bhagdadford
Post by: Mr. Goldberg on September 17, 2008, 04:17:37 PM

This came out in a conversation I had the other day likening that rural patchwork quilt known as Bradord  :D  to  the capital of certain country in turmoil.

I served my time there...two years in all and returned...well returned in one piece.

Historic unemployment dating back three generations. Inter racial tensions. Poverty. Drug Culture. Squandered City funding. Disenfranchised youth. Disillusioned elders. Daytime muggings. Growth industries: charity shops, warehouses and security guards. Bradford has it all. 

Maybe the shape of things to come for the UK as a whole ?  Have you been there ? What were your experiences ?

It is such an excellent title for a poem but I'm still not yet sufficiently distanced from it to write about it. But I will.


Title: Re: Bhagdadford
Post by: The Bolshevik Dandy on September 21, 2008, 02:41:55 AM
Are you reffering to this so-called 'BRADISTAN',this alleged 'BLACKFORD'???

Ah,these lebels are,if you ask me are the irrational and quite dreadful assumptions/predujices of people who don't like to admot they're the cause.....I mean think of it...you're a skag-adoring,fitted cap-wearer...and you're pissed of....who do you blame?
The legitamately hard-workin' and prosperin'(Righlty too ARBEIT MCHT FREI an' all)Asian family who work in their inherited fast-food restraunt(No stereo-type by the way,I'm talking from experincw-well,my friends,anyway)????

Scape-goats are easy to grasp when you're in self-denial....

Title: Re: Bhagdadford
Post by: Mr. Goldberg on September 23, 2008, 12:15:26 PM
Bit confused with all that Dandy... I don't think I'm stereotyping...I only say all this because I've lived it for two years.. with permanent mass unemplymnet it is mainly people living on the edge as the norm. It seems to descend on you in Bradford as you walk around in a lunch hour -that it's all the majority have ever really known - unemployment - and are by and large resigned to it in their outlook. Having said that I met some of the nicest people ever there..I got several people jobs with charity shops .. and though it's not a lot  at least they're happy to have some focus on what's left of Bradford and their lives.

I know for a fact as well from  Government documentation I've seen that Bradford is one of the main traditional "holding compounds" for refugee influxes...makes it all very vibrant yet compounds the unemployment quota tenfold with tensions rising.